How to Watch Yellowstone for Free on Firestick

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Yellowstone, the critically acclaimed TV series, has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide. With its gripping storytelling and stunning visuals, it’s no wonder that fans are eager to watch it on their Firestick devices. However, the cost of streaming services can sometimes deter us from enjoying our favorite shows. In this article, we’ll show you how to watch Yellowstone for free on Firestick without breaking the bank.

Yellowstone: A Modern Classic

Yellowstone, created by Taylor Sheridan, has become a modern classic in the world of television. Its compelling narrative and stellar cast have made it a must-watch. It premiered on the Paramount Network on June 20, 2018. The show follows the Dutton family, who own the largest contiguous ranch in the United States. The series has been praised for its acting, writing, and cinematography. It has also been criticized for its violence and depiction of Native Americans.

The show is known for its gripping storyline, stunning cinematography, and stellar performances by its cast, which includes Kevin Costner in the lead role. Yellowstone has garnered a massive fan base and has been praised for its realistic portrayal of the complexities of ranching and the clash between land developers and conservationists.

Why is Yellowstone so popular?

One of the reasons why Yellowstone has become so popular is its ability to captivate viewers with its compelling characters and intense plotlines. The show delves into themes of family loyalty, power struggles, and the preservation of nature, resonating with a wide range of audiences. Additionally, the breathtaking landscapes of Yellowstone National Park serve as a visually stunning backdrop, further adding to the show’s appeal.

Additionally, Yellowstone offers a unique blend of genres, combining elements of drama, western, and crime. This fusion of genres appeals to a wide range of audiences, attracting both fans of traditional Westerns and those who enjoy modern dramas with intricate plotlines. The show also features stunning cinematography, capturing the breathtaking landscapes of Montana, which adds to its visual appeal.

Furthermore, the performances of the cast, led by Kevin Costner as John Dutton, have been widely praised. Costner brings a commanding presence to the role of the patriarch, portraying a complex character with depth and nuance. The supporting cast, including Luke Grimes, Kelly Reilly, and Wes Bentley, also deliver strong performances, adding to the overall quality of the series.

Lastly, the show’s ability to tackle relevant social and political issues has contributed to its popularity. Yellowstone explores themes such as land conservation, Native American rights, and the clash between tradition and progress. By addressing these topics, the show resonates with viewers and sparks important conversations.

What Streaming Services Include Yellowstone?


  • Paramount+ is the official streaming home of Yellowstone. You can find all seasons and episodes of the series on this platform. It’s a premium subscription service, but you can often take advantage of free trials to watch Yellowstone for free.
  • Paramount+ offers different subscription tiers. In the United States, as of my last knowledge update in September 2021, the plans were as follows:
      • Essential Plan: $4.99 per month with limited ads.
      • Premium Plan: $9.99 per month with no ads.
  • However, prices may have changed, and there could be new plans or promotions, so it’s best to visit the Paramount+ website for the most current pricing information.


  • Peacock is another streaming service that offers Yellowstone. Like Paramount+, it may require a subscription, but you can explore their free trial options. Peacock also offers multiple plans:
      • Free Plan: Ad-supported with limited content.
      • Premium Plan: $4.99 per month with ads.
      • Premium Plus Plan: $9.99 per month with no ads.
  • Pricing and availability may vary by region.

Amazon Prime Video:

    • If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you may have access to Yellowstone as part of your subscription. Be sure to check if it’s included in your Prime Video library.
    • Access to Yellowstone is included with an Amazon Prime membership, which costs $12.99 per month or $119 per year in the United States. This membership also includes various other benefits, such as free shipping on Amazon orders.


    • Hulu occasionally offers Yellowstone as part of its streaming library. You can also check for free trial options or bundle deals that include Hulu.
    • Hulu offers different plans:
      • Basic Plan: $5.99 per month with ads.
      • Hulu (No Ads) Plan: $11.99 per month with no ads.
      • Hulu + Live TV: $64.99 per month for live TV streaming.
    • Keep in mind that Yellowstone’s availability on Hulu may change, so check the current lineup.

YouTube TV:

    • YouTube TV provides live TV streaming and may include access to the Paramount Network, where Yellowstone airs. Check their channel lineup to confirm if Yellowstone is available.
    • YouTube TV is a live TV streaming service with a base price of $64.99 per month in the United States. It includes various channels, and Paramount Network, where Yellowstone airs, may be part of the package.

iTunes and Google Play:

    • If you prefer to purchase individual episodes or seasons, you can find Yellowstone on platforms like iTunes and Google Play. This allows you to own the content and watch it at your convenience.
    • These platforms typically offer the option to purchase individual episodes or entire seasons of Yellowstone. Prices can vary, with episodes generally priced between $1.99 and $2.99 each, and seasons priced between $19.99 and $29.99.

Methods to Watch Yellowstone for Free on Firestick

Now, let’s get to the main topic: how to watch Yellowstone for free on Firestick. We’ll explore several methods to help you enjoy the show without any subscription fees.

Method 1: Free Trials

Many streaming services offer free trials to new users. Take advantage of these trials to watch Yellowstone without paying a dime. Just remember to cancel before the trial period ends.

To watch Yellowstone on Firestick using this method, you will first need to identify a streaming service that includes the show in its library. Some popular options include Hulu, Peacock, and Paramount+. Once you have chosen a streaming service, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the streaming service app on your Firestick device. You can do this by searching for the app in the Amazon App Store and selecting the “Download” or “Get” option.
  2. Launch the streaming service app and sign up for a new account. During the sign-up process, you will likely be prompted to enter your payment information. However, you will not be charged until the free trial period ends.
  3. Once you have created your account, navigate to the search or browse feature within the app and search for “Yellowstone.” If the show is available on the platform, it should appear in the search results.
  4. Select the show and start watching. Enjoy the episodes of Yellowstone without any additional cost during the free trial period.

It is important to note that free trials typically last for a limited time, usually ranging from a few days to a month. Therefore, make sure to cancel your subscription before the trial period ends if you do not wish to continue using the streaming service and avoid any charges.

Using a free trial of a streaming service is a convenient and legitimate way to watch Yellowstone for free on Firestick. However, it is essential to keep track of the trial period and cancel the subscription if you do not intend to continue using the service to avoid any unexpected charges.

Method 2: Free Streaming Apps

Explore free streaming apps available on the Firestick. While the legality of these apps can be questionable, some provide access to Yellowstone episodes. To begin, you will need to go to the home screen of your Firestick and navigate to the search option. Type in the name of the free streaming app you want to use, such as Kodi or Cinema HD. Once you find the app, select it and click on the download button to start the installation process. Please note for this method you would need to jailbreak the Firestick device first.

After the app is successfully installed, you can open it and search for Yellowstone within the app’s library. Most free streaming apps have a search function that allows you to easily find specific TV shows or movies. Once you locate Yellowstone, simply click on it to start streaming.

It’s important to note that while using a free streaming app may allow you to watch Yellowstone for free, these apps often rely on third-party sources for their content. This means that the quality and availability of episodes may vary. Additionally, some free streaming apps may contain ads or require you to create an account.

Method 3: Free Streaming Website [Watch Yellowstone for Free]

Now, let’s dive deeper into the process of watching Yellowstone for free on your Firestick device. Because the browser method is entirely free, there is a risk that it could reveal your IP address to your internet service provider (ISP), and geo-blocking might restrict access to Paramount. As a result, it is strongly recommended to use a VPN with your FireStick. My recommendation is ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN is the fastest and most secure VPN available. Not only is it easy to install on any device, it comes with a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. Plus, if you’re not 100% satisfied, you can always get a refund. ExpressVPN is currently also offering a whopping 3 extra months free on their annual plan!

Get ExpressVPN for 3-months FREE!

Follow these steps carefully:

  • Step 1:Open Firestick Home
  • Step 2: Open a Web Browser: If you don’t know how to download a web browser, this article will guide you on the best web browser for Firestick.
  • Step 3: Find the address bar: Now on the top, you will see the web address bar, With the help of an external mouse or your fire tv remote highlight the top bar.
  • Step 4: Now in the URL bar type:
  • Step 5: Search for Yellowstone and wait for the results to load.
  • Step 6: Choose the season and the episode that you would like to watch, and hit Play.


Can I watch Yellowstone for free on Firestick legally?

Yes, you can watch Yellowstone for free legally by taking advantage of free trials, freemium services, or official platforms that occasionally offer free episodes.

Is Yellowstone available on YouTube for free?

Occasionally, older seasons or episodes of Yellowstone may be available for free on official YouTube channels. Keep an eye out for such offerings.

Where was Yellowstone filmed?

Yellowstone was primarily filmed in various locations throughout Montana and Utah. The stunning landscapes you see in the show are a blend of the Chief Joseph Ranch in Montana and the breathtaking scenery of the American West.

Is Yellowstone on Netflix?

Yellowstone is not available on Netflix in the United States. However, its availability may vary by region and could have changed since then. You can check the current streaming platforms to find out where it’s accessible.

Will Season 5 be the last of Yellowstone?

No, Season 5 is not expected to be the last season of Yellowstone. The show’s creator, Taylor Sheridan, has expressed plans for multiple seasons to come. Fans can look forward to more dramatic twists and turns in the future.

Is there any way to watch Yellowstone for free?

Yes, there are ways to watch Yellowstone for free, though they may be limited or subject to change. You can explore free trials on streaming platforms, check for freemium services, or keep an eye on platforms like YouTube, where episodes might occasionally be available for free.

How many episodes are in Season 5 of Yellowstone?

The exact number of episodes in Season 5 of Yellowstone may vary depending on the production schedule and network decisions. Typically, Yellowstone seasons have consisted of 10 episodes each, but it’s advisable to check the latest information as the number of episodes for Season 5 may change.

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In conclusion, watching Yellowstone for free on Firestick is not only possible but also legal if you follow the right methods. Whether you opt for free trials, web browser, or official channels, you can enjoy this captivating series without a hefty price tag. Remember to use caution when exploring free streaming apps, and always prioritize your online security.

By following our guide, you can experience the drama, intrigue, and beauty of Yellowstone without emptying your wallet. Happy streaming!

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