Where to Watch Bones Online After Leaving Hulu in September?

Last Updated on August 28, 2023 by Andrew White

Ahoy, fellow binge-watchers and entertainment enthusiasts! Today’s adventure takes us through the intriguing world of Bones, the crime-solving masterpiece that’s about to bid adieu to Hulu. Grab your magnifying glasses – we’re diving into the article that unveils the whereabouts of Bones after its Hulu departure, and trust me, it’s a quest worth embarking on.

According to the article from Decider, “Bones” is set to leave Hulu in September 2023. Time to catch those forensic adventures before they bid adieu!

Summary: Cracking the Case of Where to Watch Bones Online

  • Hulu’s Farewell: Brace yourselves, Bones devotees – our beloved show is packing its bags and waving goodbye to Hulu. But fear not, for the mystery doesn’t end here!
  • Peacock’s Victory Lap: Hey there, Peacock – the savior in this tale! Bones is making a dramatic entrance onto Peacock’s platform, offering you the chance to relive the forensic brilliance of Dr. Temperance Brennan and Agent Seeley Booth.
  • Streaming on Amazon Prime Video: If you’re a member of the Prime club, you’re in luck! Bones is heading over to Amazon Prime Video, giving you another avenue to quench your detective thirst.
  • The iTunes and Vudu Duo: Looking for alternatives? iTunes and Vudu are here to save the day. Grab your virtual tickets and catch the action-packed episodes of Bones on these platforms.
  • The DVD Nostalgia: Hold onto your fedoras – the good ol’ DVD collection is here to make a comeback. With Bones bidding adieu to Hulu, having a physical copy can be your own personal treasure trove of forensic escapades.
  • Amazon Freevee: All 12 seasons of Bones are also currently available to stream for free (with ads) on Amazon Freevee.

Hot Take Conclusion: The Bones Legacy Lives On!

As we bid a heartfelt farewell to Bones on Hulu, it’s important to remember that this gripping show isn’t bowing out of the entertainment arena just yet. With Peacock, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Freevee, and good old-fashioned DVDs stepping up to the plate, you’ve got more options than Booth has snappy one-liners. So, put on your metaphorical lab coat, embrace your inner detective, and embark on the quest of watching Bones wherever it finds a new home. The bones of entertainment are strong, my friends – let’s keep cracking those cases!

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