How to Install Clean Master on FireStick [2022]

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In this guide, we will teach you How to download and install Clean Master on FireStick. So, if you are looking to find the way to get Clean master for firestick then keep reading this article. 

FireStick is undoubtedly an amazing device and what makes it amazing is its ability to let us convert our normal TV to a complete video streaming device. It is a very good option for those who are looking to convert their TV to streaming TV but don’t want to spend huge money on an Android or Smart TV.

With FireStick you can download and install different applications just like you install on your Android smartphone. FireStick comes with its own internal storage and that store fills so quickly. Both 4K and a standard variant of firestick come with 8GB of internal storage and out of that, we get only 4.5GB of space free as FireOS takes its own space.

If you download different applications, videos, images, or any other files then your Firestick storage will be filled in no time and sometimes when you delete some applications to free up some space you still didn’t get the same space just because chunk files of applications still left even when you uninstalled the application. And to delete those chunk files we need to take the help of an application called Clean Master. Most of you might already be familiar with the name as it is a very famous application that helps us free some space.

As I already told you Clean master is a smartphone application but you can also install Clean master very easily via 3rd party application called ‘Downloader’. With the downloader application, you can install all those applications that are not available on Amazon App stores like Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp on FireStick.

In this article, we will be teaching you the correct way of installing Clean master on Fire TV. This guide will clear your all doubts regarding how to free up space on Firestick with the help of Clean master. But before we jump directly to the steps of installing Clean master app on Firestick. First, let’s discuss what is Clean master app and its feature and how we can install Clean master APK on Firestick.

What is Clean Master?

Clean Master is an application that help us optimize our storage and RAM. This app is own by Lei Jun and it’s headquarters is located in China. People use this app when they want to free up some space on their device or when they want to make their device faster. This app has more than 10 millions of downloads on Google Play Store and Apple App Store with 4.7 rating. This app detects all the system cache, junk files, duplicate files, etc and delete them from your device to free up some space. The RAM optimizer option of this app also works pretty good.

Clean master can also be installed on FireStick quite easily. If your FireStick is lacking system store or working slower than before then most probably after using this app your problem will be solved.

Features of Clean Master

  • It can free up some space on your Firestick by deleting junk and unnecessary files.
  • Clean master can make your device run faster by optimizing the RAM.
  • It protects your device from Malware, Adware, hidden ads, etc.
  • The size of this application is pretty small and takes very little space.
  • Clean master is free to use application.

How to Install Clean Master on FireStick or Fire TV?

Clean Master on FireStick

Now if you are really interested in downloading and installing Clean master for FireStick then you have to first download a third party application called ‘Downloader’. If your FireStick has already Downloader app is installed then you can skip the below steps and move directly to the Clean master for Firestick steps and if your device don’t have downloader app installed then you need to first follow the below steps to download Downloader app on FireStick.

Steps to install Downloader App on FireStick

  • First of all, go to Amazon App Store and search there ‘Downloader’ and download it.
    Clean Master on FireStick
  • Now, wait until it gets downloaded and installed.
  • Once it is installed, go to Settings >> ‘My Fire TV’ >> Developer Options.
  • Now enable both ADB Debugging and Apps from unknown sources.
    Clean Master on FireStick
  • Now you are all set to download the Clean Master app on FireStick.

Now you can open the Downloader app on FireStick and start using it.

Steps to Install Clean Master on FireStick via Downloader App

Step 1) First of all, open the ‘Downloader’ application that you installed earlier.

Step 2) Click on ‘Allow’ whenever it asks to grant all the required permissions.

Step 3) Now when the Downloader application is opened you need to enter the path of Clean Master APK, we have already done that part for you, we grabbed the download link of the Clean Master App from the internet and shorten the URL. You just need to type the URL exactly as it is written below.

Clean Master on FireStick

Step 4) Click on the Go Button now.

Step 5) Now downloader will do its job, it will download the APK within a few minutes depending upon the speed of your internet connectivity.

Step 6) When Clean Master is downloaded on FireStick successfully, a new installation screen will open.

Step 7) Now you need to just follow the on-screen instruction to install the Clean Master on your Firestick/Fire TV.

How to Use Clean Master for FireStick?

Now as you have installed Clean Master for FireStick. It is the time to learn How to use it if you are using clean master for the first time.

  • First of all, open the Clean master app on FireStick.
  • Now it will scan your device and show all the unwanted files.
  • Once the scan is completed, you have to click on the ‘Boost’ button.
  • Done!

Now you have successfully installed Clean Master for Firestick. Now you can free up space every time you feel your device is out of storage or running slow.

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Wrapping Up

So, this was our article on How to Install and use Clean master for Firestick and free up some space. Here in this article, we shared information like What is Clean master and it’s features. We also provided the step by step guide to install Clean master for FireStick. We tried our best to keep the guide as straightforward as possible. If you are facing any issue or stuck at any part of this guide then feel free to comment below we try our best to solve your query asap.

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