Why is IcDrama not Working? Top Best IcDrama Alternatives 2022

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When it comes to watching Japanese, Korean, or even Chinese movies and TV series then there is one addon known as Icdrama that is very popular among Kodi users. However, IcDrama not working is currently the most common problem that is every IcDrama addon lover facing.

I have tried various Kodi addons to stream movies and TV series but none of them were as good as Icdrama however, these days I am getting some messages from you guys that Icdrama is not working on Kodi, so if you are also facing some problems on IcDrama then don’t worry today I am here to help you out.

Most of you are getting the dependency error while installing the Icdrama add-on on Kodi and the reason why you are getting this error is that the developer of this addon has stopped working on it and Icdrama has been taken down.

Let’s discuss why is Icdrama not working and why developers of this addon decided not to work on this particular addon.

IcDrama not working

Why IcDrama not Working

So, as I just said above that IcDrama is showing a dependency error while installing it on Kodi, this is because of developers not working on this addon anymore. IcDrama is officially shut down as of now and we do not know when the developers will re-release this addon.

The reason why Icdrama has been shut down is because of piracy issues. IcDrama didn’t have the proper licenses of the content that were available on the IcDrama. The same issue has been happened with a lot of add-ons in past and we have seen some amazing addons going down because of piracy issues.

A similar kind of situation also happened with the Genesis addon that was also a streaming addon but it came back after a few months with the name Genesis Reborn.

Among all the Kodi Addons, IcDrama was very popular because of the unique Korean TV series and movies that were available. Developers of IcDrama have officially stated that they are shutting down their services and they haven’t said anything about the re-release of this addon.

What should you do now?

Since the IcDrama addon is no longer available, you don’t have any other option than to try some IcDrama alternatives. It has been stated by the IcDrama developer itself that they are no longer working on this addon. So, now we only have one option is to try out some best IcDrama alternatives.

In this article, I have shared some amazing Icdrama alternatives that you should use in 2022. These alternatives are personally tested by me and all of them are 100% working.

Best IcDrama Alternatives 2022

Below are some amazing alternatives of IcDrama that is personally tried by me and all of them are working at the time of writing this article. So, if you are looking for some amazing IcDrama alternatives then try out these:

YouKu TV

So, YouKu TV is a Chinese movie, TV show, and on-demand video streaming platform. It is developed by Chinese developers to stream Chinese content. Since we all know Youtube is banned in China, they use YouKu TV as an alternative to Youtube as well.

In this platform, you will find lots of Chinese content in the Chinese language only so if you can’t understand the Chinese language then it would be difficult for you to use this Icdrama alternative.

Genesis Reborn

Genesis Reborn is also a very popular Kodi addon that is basically used for streaming free movies and TV series. With the help of this addon, you can stream a lot of movies and TV series for free, this addon is not limited to any particular country, you can stream content from almost all countries.

Earlier this addon got banned but then it came back with the name Genesis Reborn and at the time of writing this article Genesis reborn is working pretty much fine. If you want to know how to install Genesis Reborn on Kodi then check out this guide.

Catch-Up TV & More

Catch-Up TV & More is another Icdrama alternative that you should try in 2022. With the help of this addon, you can not only stream Chinese, Japanese, or Korean movies/TV shows but you can also stream live TV channels.

Mostly this addon is used for watching Chinese/Japanese/Korean content but you can also watch content from other parts of the world. The developer of this addon is working day and night to make it the best Kodi addon, I have been using this addon for a very long time now and one thing that I can say is this addon is by far the most stable streaming addon I have ever used.


Viki is one of my favorite Kodi Addon to stream movies and TV shows of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese countries. However, this addon is paid but believe me it is completely worth it. The service is owned by Rakuten which is really a very big company.

If you are looking for something reliable then I highly suggest you try the Viki add-on it is 100% worth the price. And believe me, you will love it. If you don’t have enough money to buy the subscription of Viki addon then still don’t worry as you can use the free version of the same, but the free version does have some ads but I think it is completely worth it.

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So that’s it guys for this article, here I shared why is Icdrama not working and I explained the reason for the same. I also shared some IcDrama alternatives with you guys that you should try in 2022. So, at last, I would say IcDrama was undoubtedly the best Kodi addon but since it is down we can’t do anything other than use Icdrama alternatives.

You can still use IcDrama’s website, the website is still in good condition and it is still working the same as before. So that’s it guys if you still have some doubts regarding any addons that I shared in this article then do comment down below I will try to solve your query as soon as possible.

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