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How to Install and Watch TNT on Firestick in 2023

Last Updated on May 4, 2023 by Andrew White

Owning a firestick have a lot of advantages and one of the very good advantages is that you can watch your favorite channel on it. When I installed the firestick on my old TV, the very first channel that I installed was WarnerMedia’s TNT channel.

TNT (American TV Network) channel is one of the most popular channels in the United States and according to the reports as in 2018 TNT was subscribed by almost 89.5 million households. TNT is undoubtedly the best when it comes to its TV shows and movies, some of the famous programs by TNT are Arrow, Castle, Charmed, Animal Kingdom, Supernatural, etc. Also, TNT broadcasts some famous live sports like La Liga, MLB, UEFA, etc.

Mostly the new owner of firestick finds it really challenging to install and watch their favorite channel on it, well don’t worry this guide will help you in installing and as well as in watching TNT on firestick.

Thanks to the Warnemedia Network & Studios that made TNT available as an everywhere TV. If you don’t know what TV everywhere means then let me tell you it means that you can watch the live broadcast of a particular channel anytime and anywhere either on your smartphone or firestick.

TNT also has its TV Everywhere app and with the help of this app, you can watch TNT on firestick and also you can stream the on-demand video content. If you have an active subscription of cable TV connection that includes TNT then you can easily install and watch TNT on firestick, below in the article we have explained all the steps in detail.

What is TNT (American TV Network)

TNT also known as Turner Network Television that is owned by Warner Media Network & Studios. TNT is a very famous American channel, it was launched in 1988 with the sole purpose of broadcasting classic movies and TV shows. Since then TNT channel has evolved a lot and from 2001 TNT also started broadcasting TV series and feature films.

TNT also focuses on some NBA and NHL sports. According to the 2018 reports, the TNT television series has been registered by approximately 89 million households in the United States.

What are the ways to watch TNT on Firestick?

So, if you are a die-hard fan of the TNT channel and you want to watch it on your fire TV stick then you can do that quite easily. There are basically two ways to do that, if you have an active subscription to cable TV then you can install and use TNT everywhere TV application to watch TNT on your firestick or fire TV.  TNT app is downloaded and installed by more millions of users and the best thing is we can download the TNT app on our firestick device as well.

If you are someone who doesn’t have an active cable or satellite TV connection then don’t worry you can still manage to watch TNT on firestick by purchasing a subscription to some famous live TV streaming services.

Below in this article, I have shared both ways, you can follow any way of your choice to watch TNT on firestick.

How to Install TNT App to watch TNT on firestick

As I already said above that those users who already have an active cable/satellite TV connection that includes TNT in their plan then they can easily watch TNT on fire tv. All they have to do is download the official TNT app, now if you don’t know how to do that then take a look at the below steps.

  • First of all, open up your firestick device.
  • Now go to the Find option and then click on the Search.
  • Now with the help of an on-screen keyboard simply type in TNT and hit the Go button.
  • You will now see the TNT app on your screen.
  • Click on the ‘Get’ or ‘Download’ button to install the app on your firestick.
  • Wait until the installation gets done.
  • Once the installation is done, you can move the TNT app to your firestick’s home screen by going to the Apps & Games section and then highlight the TNT app, press the options button on your fire tv remote and then click on the Move button to move the app to your desired location.

How to Activate and use TNT App on firestick

Now once the app is installed on your firestick, you can not use it straight away, you have to do follow the below steps to make the TNT App work on your firestick.

  • First of all, launch the TNT app on firestick.
  • Now on the top right corner, you will see the Sign-in option, simply click on it.
  • Now a unique code will appear on your screen, you need to copy that code.
  • Once that code is copied, visit this URL once you open this URL on your browser it will ask you to choose your device. Simply select Amazon Fire TV and click on the Continue button.
    TNT on firestick
  • On the next screen, it will ask you to enter the code. (Enter the code that you copied earlier).
  • After entering the correct code, click on the Submit button.
    TNT on firestick
  • On the next screen, you need to enter your TV provider’s information and that’s it.
  • Now go back to your fire TV stick where you opened up the TNT app, reload the app, and now you will see TNT app is working on your firestick.
  • Now enjoy watching TNT on firestick.

When you logged into the app successfully, the home screen will appear and if you look closely then you will see three menus on the top right corner.

If you click on the Home button then it will land you on the home screen where you will see the thumbnail of the series/movie that you were watching earlier, if you have left your show in between then you can continue watching it by there just by clicking on the Watch button.

There is one library option and if you click on it then it will show you all the TNT Shows/Series and movies. There is also the option of categories that can help you in watching your desirable movies or shows.

Now there is also the option of Live and if you click on it will redirect you to the live TNT channel, so if you are interested in watching the live TNT channel on firestick then you can use this option.

Features of TNT App

  • This app is very small in size and it will not take much space on your firestick.
  • The app is completely compatible with Firestick and works flawlessly with the Fire TV remote.
  • You can enjoy watching the live TNT channel on firestick with the help of this app.
  • You can also watch TNT blockbuster TV shows and movies.
  • The interface of the app is really very clean and easy to use.

How to Watch TNT without cable on Firestick

I know there are so many users who don’t have an active cable or satellite TV connection and they still want to watch TNT on their firestick device, I want to tell all those users don’t lose hope, there is still a way for you all to watch TNT on a firestick or even on any device that you like.

There are so many services that provide live TV and I know most of you know about this, below I have shared some of the best live TV streaming services that can help you in watching TNT on firestick. Below services are already tested by me and 100% trusted to use.

Philo TV

I have personally used Philo TV lots of time and I have to admit the fact that Philo TV is one of the most affordable live TV streaming services available online. If you have never used any live TV streaming service before that I suggest you try this one and you won’t regret it. The best part is Philo TV has your favorite TNT in its package.

You only need to $20 per month and in return, you get access to so many entertainment channels.

Sling TV

Sling TV is the very oldest live TV service that is available online and it is also considered to be the cheapest live TV streaming service, if your budget is a little on the lower side then I highly recommend you go with this one. Sling TV’s after-sale support is also quite decent, so in case, you are facing any trouble with their service then you can contact them and you will get a good response from their team.

Sling TV has two packages Orange and Blue, both these packages have the TNT channel, so you can choose the package according to your needs.

Youtube TV

Youtube has also entered the game of live TV streaming service, however, their pricing is little on the costlier side if we compare it with the competition but if your budget allows then I think this is the best live TV streaming service available right now.

By paying $64.99 per month you can get access to the United States’ top-notch channels. You get more than 90+ channels of almost all the categories, i.e Kids, Entertainment, Devotional, etc.

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TNT is really a very popular channel in the USA and you can easily watch it on your firestick device. I have explained all the possible ways in this article and I hope this guide will help you. If you have any queries or if you are stuck at any step then do comment below and I will try to solve your problem.

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