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Best Soundbar for Firestick (2022) Review

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Spending a good amount of money on a nice and sleek TV isn’t an assurance you’ll get the best audio quality from it. The reason for this is that these TVs have compact and thinner shapes that only accommodate small built-in speakers that are incapable of giving users a wholesome sound experience. The sound from these TVs lack the right impact that matches screen size and visual quality. 

While this can be frustrating for you, the good news is that you can get a soundbar that improves your TV’s sound and resolves all audio issues. If you’re on the lookout for a soundbar for your firestick but aren’t sure about which one to buy, this post is for you. Here, we’ll examine some of the best soundbar products for firesticks. But first, why do you need a soundbar for firestick?

Why Do You Need a Soundbar for Firestick? 

As you’re aware, the conventional way of setting up speakers for TV involves the placement of five speakers in proximity to the viewer. This was effective and seemed the best way to maximize sound in a room. However, the reality is that it’s only effective if you’re seated in a specific spot in the room.

What’s more, this type of setup is pretty expensive, and it requires many cables plugged into the TV and extended around the room. Even if you creatively hide the wires, the fact remains that they are there when. This is how soundbars offer users an upgrade. 

Soundbars offer an outstanding sound experience spread across every part of the room, irrespective of where you sit. It’s also cheaper and doesn’t require cables for its efficiency and effectiveness. Additionally, you don’t need as much space to install your soundbar as you do for conventional speakers. 

The Best Soundbar for your Firestick 

Every soundbar has unique features that make them more desirable than others. While the features you get are down to your budget and preference, you can still get the best of the available options for your firestick. Following a comprehensive survey of some of the top-rated soundbars for firestick, the best soundbar is Yamaha (YAS-209BL).

1. Yamaha (YAS-209BL) SoundbarBest soundbar for firestick

Yamaha (YAS-209BL) soundbar is a top-rated choice because of its DTS Virtual:X component. This component offers users an all-encompassing sound within a space. In other words, it makes a few speakers sound like many speakers. This component of the Yamaha soundbar and others are carefully crafted with high-quality materials that provide the soundbar with much-needed durability. 


  • Highly efficient soundbar app that seamlessly sets up the device
  • It carries a wireless subwoofer for extra sound quality.
  • Alexa and google voice control
  • Wholesome connectivity options
  •  Budget-friendly


  • It carries a single HDMI input
  • It doesn’t have an onscreen display option
  • It doesn’t have the option for Chromecast and airplay2
  • It’s a little pricey 
  • Surround sound isn’t as great as most people imagine

While Yamaha (YAS-209BL) may be a little pricey for you, the following are other outstanding soundbar options you can explore. 


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2. VIZIO-F6 Sound Bar Best soundbar for firestick

When you combine affordability with advanced features in a soundbar, you automatically get a Vizio-F6. This is an outstanding soundbar that’s not only compatible with firestick but also supports Dolby Atmos. However, the most exciting part of the Vizio-F6 soundbar is its wireless subwoofer which offers users more sound quality when browsing across their favorite streaming platforms. 


  • Its compatibility with firesticks and Dolby Atmos
  • Affordability 
  • Its wireless subwoofers and double rear speakers
  • Vast connectivity options, including Bluetooth and Chromecast 
  • Amazing sound quality. 


  • Rear speakers need a cable connection
  • Vizio-F6 soundbar app has low efficiency
  • No Alexa or google voice assistance 
  • Speakers lack DTS:X support


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3. Devialet DioneBest soundbar for firestick 

Devialet Dione is another well-crafted soundbar you can also consider before choosing one. It’s the definition of a smart soundbar with almost non-exhaustive features. This is partly one of the reasons its cost is slightly on the higher side.


  • It offers a full range of sound that covers large or small spaces.
  • It has a sleek design that’s exquisitely finished
  • Extensive connectivity options 
  • It provides a seamless setup and customization 


  • It’s quite expensive 
  • It doesn’t have a remote control
  • It lacks an HDMI passthrough 


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4. Sonos Beam SoundbarBest soundbar for firestick

Sonos Beam is one of the many soundbars that meet different users’ preferences due to its immersive sound quality. It has some things in common with the Yamaha soundbar, but it’s pristinely vast in terms of its compatibility with several other devices. 


  • An excellent sound quality that compliments its size
  • It has an exquisite build which allows it to be installed or mounted on a wall or cabinet.
  • It supports google voice assistant and Alexa.
  • It has five microphones that aid in receipt of voice commands
  • It also has an HDMI-to-optical adapter


  • It lacks the Bluetooth audio feature
  • It doesn’t have a subwoofer, limiting the soundbar’s bass quality.
  • Jack 3.5mm and optical aren’t supported
  • It’s a little expensive 
  • May not have new formats as soon as you launch


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6. Sony HT-A7000 Best soundbar for firestick

Sony HT-A7000 is arguably the best soundbar for all TV activities, including movies, music, gaming, and many others. The best aspect of its high-quality specifications is its impressive sound output. You’ll most likely not go wrong with this particular soundbar. 


  • Quality-based build
  • Amazing sound quality 
  • Effective command receipt 


  • More expensive than others that offer similar features
  • An additional expense to get a subwoofer
  • It has an annoyingly small display feature


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What to Look Out for to Make a Choice of Soundbar for Your Firestick 

While the suggestions highlighted above are the best soundbars you can get, if you decide to explore other options personally, the following are things to look out for:

  • Size – Soundbars come in different sizes and designs, and they don’t require big space for placement or installation like a conventional speaker setup. So when you’re choosing one, you must consider the size in relation to your space constraints.
  • Connectivity – The soundbar you choose must offer you vast options for both wired and wireless connectivity. This is for those who connect more than two devices to their TVs
  • Firesticks and Dolby Atmos – If you want cinematic audio and visual experience, you must choose soundbars supporting Dolby Atmos and Firesticks.

Final Thoughts

One benefit you stand to gain from having a soundbar for your firestick is that you can spend less while getting more quality with the soundbar than the conventional TV speaker setup. So if you’ve decided to buy a soundbar, you can follow our suggestions as highlighted in this post. While choosing one of the best soundbars mentioned above can be a little confusing, we’ll advise you to go for the Yamaha (YAS-209BL) soundbar. It supports firestick and offers all necessary features like a wireless subwoofer, wired and wireless connectivity options, and compatibility with Dolby Atmos and Alexa among many others.  

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